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in November 2020

Applauded in November 2020 by the Building Supervisor at FedEx for using effective communication to increase work engagement among employees in a high-pressure environment, as well as using compelling perspectives in order to diffuse any conflicts among the team. In turn, this boosted morale and a stronger company culture among coworkers.


in May 2020

Thanked by the Public Relations Department Chair in May 2020 for successfully pivoting the online graduation ceremony of PR students during the pandemic by highlighting their achievements, post-graduation plans, and encouraging them to utilize their LinkedIn profiles to network in their respective fields; thus, generating success stories and increasing social media engagement for the PR department.


in November 2019

Praised in November 2019 and in May 2020 by the Public Relations Professor for excellent writing and presentation execution of all assignments, as well as going above and beyond on the resume website project and successfully leading and developing the youth voting public campaign for an external client.


in July 2018

Applauded in July 2018 by the Program Director for producing creative lesson plans that consistently exposed and engaged the campers with new material and experiences.


Regulatory Operations Specialist

Collaborate with brand teams to assist in preparation of submissions for tagging and linking through the use of client-side systems such as Veeva Vault, FUSE, and other client-specific systems as part of the project submission.

02/2021 - 11/2021

Executive Assistant

Reconstructed the workplace culture by re-introducing a training course for drivers/helpers as a measure of corrective action to decrease the amount of paperwork given to the contractor.

MVP Delivery Solutions

05/2020 - 01/2021

Operations Manager

Improved the work environment by placing new labels in convenient places to increase scanning percentages, replacing broken pallets to reduce any injuries, and organizing the belts so employees would have a clean start the next morning.


07/2017 - 08/2019

Group Leader

Fostered strong relationships with the campers by creating and facilitating lesson plans that surrounded emotional art, education, leadership and team-building skills, memorization, and forms of dance to expand the students’ interests and hobbies.

Salvation Army Summer Camp


My 9-5s are the main characters of my professional experience. They’re the bulk of what I do, the foundation, the base, the “It Girls.” My 9-5s walked so everything else could run.



Present | Alabama State University | Public Relations | Web Design & Programming | 4.0

2016 - 2019 | SUNY Plattsburgh | Public Relations | Web Design & Programming


Fashion | Content Development | Social Media Management | Public Speaking & Presentations | Acting | Dancing | Double Dutch


Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) | G-Suite | Canva Design | Client Relationship Management (CRM) | Social Media Strategy & Analytics | Project Management

01/2020 - 09/2021

National Student Exchange Ambassador

Created an NSE vlog series about my ASU experience on exchange focusing on topics such as campus life, courses, personal growth, excursions/adventures, and advice for other students; which received positive engagement, increased student participation in the program, and extended my vlog series through the pandemic.

Remotely interviewed studentsprofessors, and coordinators during the pandemic who were involved in the NSE program to discuss how influential the program is for students when they join.

NSE Program

06/2020 - 07/2020


Session Host

Virtually interviewed six deans (Health Sciences, STEM, Visual Performing Arts, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and the Levi Walkins Learning Center) and their chosen students about information regarding the academic degree programs offered at Alabama State University.


All three sessions can be located on Facebook using the following links: Session 1Session 3Session 4.

ASU Talk About College Tuesday

04/2020 - 07/2020



Worked on NY Metro Creative Programming Team to technically support the virtual events with high-profile celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Anthony Anderson, and the Roc Nation team to push the agenda of STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, Math) careers to all students from low-income backgrounds; while also increasing internal and external partnerships.

Wrote an article using Adobe Spark Page on how the Hustlers’ Hangout program provided networking opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic for college and high school students; which was featured in ColorBloc Magazine.

Hustlers' Guild


When I’m not being a corporate baddie, I’m being a creative one. Home is where the heart is and social media is where my heart is. I didn’t major in Public Relations for no reason, so I’m tricking the degree and not letting the degree trick me. In college degrees, we trust.

02/2021 - 09/2021

Project Manager

My Ivy Park Fashion Project was a seven-month commitment that I organized, budgeted, and creatively directed from start to finish. It was a great experience because this was my first time bringing an idea of that magnitude to life on my own. The project’s execution was an extreme success and it’s actually what inspired me to become a Content Creator and digitally create content involving fashion, web design, adventure, and more.

Personal Ivy Park Project

01/2020 - 04/2020

Project Manager

Implemented the process of integrated marketing communications by writing and formulating fundamental components of a strategic plan, including an analysis of the organizational situation, objectives and selection of strategies and tactics.

Designed the entire final look of the MCC booklet using Canva Pro.

ASU Magic City Classic Campaign

01/2020 - 04/2020

Account Supervisor

Collaborated with a “real-world” campaign team and the client to solve a public relations problem using the ROPES model.


Managed day-to-day client activities involving research, program planning, implementation, and evaluation by maintaining close and frequent contact with the client in order to strengthen rapport between agency and client.​


Designed the entire final look of the Youth Outreach booklet using Canva Pro.

ASU Youth Outreach Campaign


My projects are best described as those special levels in video games that you unlock and truly enjoy. Keeps me busy and entertained you know?

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